Nutrition Assessments

It's true that we are what we eat or at least what we are able to digest and assimilate from what we eat! Could some of the foods you eat every day be causing your health problems? Maybe you just want to develop healthier habits. Nutrition is fundamental to our health or lack of it. Did you know certain foods contribute to inflammation and aggravate pain conditions? When we are over exposed to certain foods we can develop a delayed immune response that may not happen for several days, making it hard to identify the offending food.

What is Expected of Me?

  • Completion of the InnerWorks intake assessment form prior to appointment
  • Questions asking you to describe a typical days food intake
  • Assessment of any correlation between health issues & certain foods that you have noticed
  • A detailed 3-7 day diet log of what and when you eat & drink is generally requested for the follow-up appointment. This may be done prior to the first appointment if you prefer, please download diet log
    , complete and bring to the first appointment. (Uses Adobe Acrobat)
  • A few small changes at a time can make dramatic differences

What Can I Expect at the Appointment?

  • A full hour to discuss your concerns, goals, explore and answer questions related to your nutrition.
  • Learn what foods are healthier choices and which fats are good fats that we need for our heart, brain, and general health
  • Education about importance of eating consistently for the fuel our body needs
  • Educational handout, if indicated, with recommendations for foods and supplements that help support the liver for it's detoxification process or for supporting the immune system
  • Assistance at a future appointment to develop a menu plan based on your food preferences and suggestions for creative eating
  • Your basal metabolic rate that incorporates your activity level can be calculated using a body composition scale to help determine appropriate caloric intake. Must be well hydrated for this to be done, may need done at a future appointment
  • Option is available to schedule a comprehensive food sensitivity testing, that can include up to 200 food items, as well as 20 additives & colorings, 20 molds, 10 environmental chemicals, 20 pharmacoactive agents, 10 antibiotics and 10 anti-inflammatory agents
  • Option available to learn more about the APO E Gene DietTM Program to determine the optimal combination of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats for you
  • Supplement recommendations may also be requested or provided
  • Support to help you reach your goals
For more information call InnerWorks at (316) 946-0990 or Contact Us online.