Yoga at InnerWorks

We are excited to announce our new location!

As of April 1, 2014, we have moved our practices to a new location: 4800 W. Maple, Suite 124. Please come check out our new studio at the west end of the Maple Street Mini Mall, just north of Towne West Mall.


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Start with an Open Mind

Forget about the cute yoga clothing and the custom-designed yoga mat, the real prerequisite of yoga is having an open and willing mind. Cast Yoga at InnerWorksexpectations, fears and inhibitions aside as you roll out your yoga mat and start your yoga journey clear from any ideas of what your yoga experience is supposed to look like or how it should result.

Flexibility is Not a Requirement

We have all seen the pictures of yogis contorting their bodies in pretzel-like postures. While the bendy practitioners are a fun ideal to aspire to, yoga can be practiced by anyone, the flexible and the not-so flexible. If you are someone who has been blessed by stiffness, you are likely to see the most immediate effects of yoga showing up in your hamstrings, hip flexors and the lumbar spine after just a few sessions.



Beginner Yoga Tips

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement but isn't baggy.
  2. Do not eat a large meal prior to class. It is uncomfortable to bend and twist on a full stomach.
  3. Yoga is done barefoot.  Please remove shoes before entering the yoga studio.
  4. Please leave your cell phone in the car or turn it off before class.
  5. You know your body best. Listen to your body first the instructor second.
  6. Feel don't force. Use your breath to work safely in the poses instead of muscling your way through.
  7. A playful, curious attitude goes a long way to keeping it fun.
For more information call InnerWorks at (316) 946-0990 or Contact Us online.