The InnerWorks Integrative Program

This is a synergistic approach to your health care, utilizing the varied, high quality services offered by InnerWorks practitioners. It is designed for someone with health concerns who may be:

  1. unsure where to begin and would like guidance/explanations about services to help them achieve improved health, or
  2. wants to achieve improved health through synergy, the use of more than one practitioner to focus on achieving your health goals, or
  3. has complex health challenges and needs coordinated services.

Your first meeting with Dr. Kraskow will last about an hour. This meeting includes vital signs, a detailed health history, review of clinical issues, a kinesiology based exam, a report of findings, recommendation to InnerWorks practitioners as appropriate and an InnerWorks Action Plan.

The InnerWorks Action Plan is drawn up by Dr. Kraskow to give an overview of his recommendations. It may include: the recommended InnerWorks practitioners, the reason to see them and the focus for their work on you, referral to another doctor, lifestyle changes such as diet or exercise suggestions, nutritional supplement suggestions, requesting you read some information or fill out a survey. The Plan is specific to you.

Once you have completed a portion of the recommendations, you will meet with Dr. Kraskow to review your health status. There will be an opportunity to share your experience of the work you've received and any changes you've made. We will then update the Action Plan having determined the next steps to bring you greater health.

For more information call InnerWorks at (316) 946-0990 or Contact Us online.