Psychotherapy / Counseling at InnerWorks

Our therapists specialize in promoting emotional health and well being. Services include but are not limited to: EMDR, EAGALA, IMAGO and Meditation. Therapists serve individuals, families, groups and couples by offering both traditional and non-traditional forms of psychotherapy. Therapists address concerns related to PTSD, depression, anxiety, life transitions, self esteem and more.

Molly Traffas, LSCSW integrates elements from both psychological theories (e.g. attachment, behavior, cognitive, family systems, psychodynamic and somatic) and psychotherapies (e.g., body-based, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, Rogerian, ego-state, Imago, compassionate presence and psychodynamic) into her work supporting individuals and couples move toward their own healing and growth. Some of the specific modalities or techniques Molly might utilize include: EMDR, HeartMath, EFT, Relaxation and Visualization techniques, as well as, Compassionate Presence practices. This integration of techniques and theories has proven to be helpful to individuals in life transitions, who have experienced trauma as a child or as an adult, who have relationship difficulties, who are anxious or have panic attacks, who battle depression or anger or feelings of hopelessness, or who would simply like to improve the quality of their life.

A frequently experienced consequence of trauma or neglect is for an individual to have difficulty with relationships. The dynamics of relationships (such as, the relationship to self, the relationship to others, the relationship to the external world) are pivotal pieces in the work done in therapy. Verbalization and effective communication without aggression or threat to self or other are skill sets that are addressed. A couple of the theory bases interwoven within this skill building are Compassionate Communication, the Right Use of Power, and the Power Spiral.

Supportive approaches/tools for healing that are options in the co-creative work include: EMDR, HeartMath, EFT, Relaxation and Visualization techniques, as well as, Compassionate Presence practices. Central in the approach at InnerWorks is the availability and option of being able to engage in supportive and collaborative services of the InnerWorks Staff. These opportunities allow individuals to be able to address any physical needs that are impacting and/or being impacted by their mental and emotional states. The collaborative services include such things as: medical and chiropractic consultation, massage, cranio-sacral, zero balancing, yoga, therapeutic touch, Reiki, physical fitness, nutritional counseling, and spiritual direction.

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