Spiritual Direction at InnerWorks

Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship in which one person (the spiritual director) assists another (the directee) in becoming more aware of and responding to God's presence in the every day unfolding of their life. This awareness comes through contemplative reflection of one's prayer life as well as events of one's life through an attitude of quiet prayer and attentiveness to the Divine together.

The person seeking a spiritual direction relationship usually has begun an intentional journey with God that includes a regular prayer life. They are seeking a deeper relationship with the Source of all life. They may want to discuss challenges with their prayer life. Perhaps they are not sure what it is they are seeking exactly and deeply desire a companion with whom they can share their journey.

The spiritual director does not "direct" i.e., tell a person what they should believe or how they should pray or worship. The director provides a compassionate safe haven for the directee to share their sacred story. As the director listens deeply to the unfolding of the directee's life, the director may question, support, rephrase, provide resources to and pray for or with the directee to assist them in the discernment of the workings of the Holy in their lives.

The relationship is not one of counseling or psychotherapy. It does not have to do with problem solving but is more about finding and responding to the God. People who experience significant life changes or crises can benefit from spiritual direction in conjunction with therapy as they try to integrate these experiences into the context of their lives' meaning and purpose. These issues can have a spiritual dimension to them that may be more fully explored and realized in spiritual direction.

"To listen another's soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another." Douglas Steere.
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