As of April 1, 2014, InnerWorks has restructured and moved; however, all of our providers are still practicing in Wichita. Although we are no longer all in the same building, we are committed to maintaining our collaborative referral network to support your health and wellness. We continue to draw upon our unique blend of services to meet your needs. 

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please visit the InnerWorks Staff page and click on the name of the practitioner.

The InnerWorks Difference

The InnerWorks Difference

InnerWorks provides an interactive wellness model with a full menu of traditional, complimentary and alternative services. Our staff coordinates their efforts to create a wellness action plan tailored to meet your needs.

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Healing Medical Problems at InnerWorks

Medical Conditions

InnerWorks provides a unique blend of alternative and traditional Western Medical approaches. We combine knowledge based approaches with wisdom based care to address both the symptoms and the underlying disharmony that impacts your health.

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Getting Started at InnerWorks

Where do I start?

Where are you on the continuum of health? Whether suffering from a long term illness or seeking a healthier lifestyle, we will provide an evaluation and recommend treatment based on your approach to health and our knowledge of Western Medical and Alternative Therapies.

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Who We Are...

Who We Are…

We are highly trained, compassionate, experienced and certified health care practitioners and massage therapists, combining the best of traditional and alternative health care. Using a model based on integral theory, we recognize the need for providing care that enhances health in all aspects of your being.

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What Does Wellness Mean to You?

What Does Wellness Mean to You?

Your unique personality, personal and medical history, physical characteristics, diet, emotional relationships, likes and dislikes, attitudes and belief systems are all factors that must be considered.

What Wellness Means to Us