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Covid 19 Resource Page

What We Know (today) about Covid-19

improving your health and lifeThe Covid-19 crisis is a very dangerous and pivotal time in our lives.  We must look beyond the danger to the heart of the issue at hand. Healthy people are less likely to suffer complications from Covid-19.  How you choose to approach these dangerous times may make a difference in how you and those in your close circle of friends and family get through the crisis. Current recommended solutions center around isolation, rather than a cure. Increasing the body’s ability to fight off  disease is the ultimate solution.   Acting now to improve your and your family’s health and wellness on all levels can improve outcomes if exposed to the virus. Please don’t miss this opportunity to positively impact your health.  The corona virus crisis is filled with opportunities to change the American health care culture from sickness to wellness.

Common Symptoms of Covid-19
Covid-19 is a novel coronavirus that primarily infects the lungs.  Most infections present only mild symptoms.  In a recent study that sampled 1,099 confirmed cases, the symptoms most reported included fever (88%), cough (67%), fatigue (38%), mucus production (33%), shortness of breath (19%), and sore throat and headache both (13%). N Engl J Med, Feb. 28,
2020. (online in advance of print):

Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Covid-19 Care

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recipients had reduced probability of progression of the disease to a critical condition and shorter recovery times than those who did not receive Traditional Chinese Medicine care.  Using Acupuncture and Herbal therapy, TCM does not kill the virus directly, but it does mobilizes the body’s defenses, clears the internal environment, and restores the balance and harmony within the body.  The body then has a better chance to fight off the virus.  As the Covid-19 pandemic is unfolding, it is obvious that we should use all tools available to improve our health and our body’s ability to fight the virus.

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