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Where Does Stress Hit You the Hardest?

During this time of Corona virus crisis, we all respond to stress differently. Depending on a wide variety of contributing factors, stress can affect almost every system in the body, including our immune nervous systems. Each system can create a wide variety of symptoms and chronic health conditions, without us realizing we are even stressed!

Focusing on symptomatic relief without addressing the underlying stress causing the symptoms just chases the symptoms into another area of the body, or psyche, or behavior. Stress can also reduce the health of the each system and affect its ability to function optimally.

The impact of Covid – 19 on people with chronic health concerns and low immune function is often more devastating than those who do not have these conditions.

So manage your stress now!

Self-Stress MeasurementCare Stress Reduction tools


What Makes Acupressure So Effective?

Often described as "acupuncture without needles", acupressure promotes balance, renewed energy, rejuvenation, and wellness by accessing and addressing the vital energies of the body. Many people who might not ordinarily seek out acupuncture because of the needles can benefit from the principles of balance and harmony of mind, body, and spirit. The ability to treat yourself allows you access to these benefits anytime. In times like the present, it is empowering to be able to use these protocols to help yourself and your loved ones.

About Self-Care Acupressure

Lorie teaches a gentle practice of acupressure which utilizes the same therapeutic principles as acupuncture.  Most of the protocols are designed specifically to ease the stress response and support overall well-being. The specific acu-points used are chosen carefully for their multi-functional properties. Each point is accessed with a special style of touch, and in a particular order to facilitate an optimal deep, relaxing experience. The Chinese healing traditions make no distinction between the body, mind, and spirit. When one system is addressed, all the others are affected as well.

During these stressful times, it is vitally important that we support ourselves and our loved ones.  The stress reduction results in easing our burdens and reminds our bodys how to relax.  This deepened state of relaxation can also support the optimal functioning of all systems, including the Immune System.  Recipients of this acupressure often report a sense of deep rest and an awareness of areas of tension being able to let go and receive the support provided by restoring the balance flow of energy to their bodies.

Lorie was impressed not only with the profound nature of the work but also the fact that people could easily learn the protocol to help themselves and their loved ones. She became an instructor and has been teaching Acupressure to clients, interested body-workers, and agencies who deal with clients who are sometimes overwhelmed by stress and trauma as a self-care tool.


Stress Reduction and HeartMath

Stress has become an all too familiar household word. “It's just stress” is a phrase often used to dismiss an emotional outburst, forgetfulness, headache, pain, or illness. From a body-mind perspective, emotions are the main ingredient in the experience of stress; indeed, it is emotions—feelings such as anxiety, irritation, frustration, lack of control, overwhelm, hopelessness—that individuals experience when they describe themselves as “stressed.” HeartMath research indicates that emotions, even more than thoughts, activate and drive the body's physical changes that correlate with the stress response. Thus, the key to optimal health and vitality is directly related to our ability to self-regulate our emotional experience. Simply stated, the emotions we often label as “negative” do, in fact, disrupt optimal physiological and mental functions. Conversely, the emotions we often refer to as “positive” facilitate a wide range of physiological functions, renew our energy, and optimize the body's natural regenerative processes.

How Does HeartMath Work?

Stress is ever present. Stress reduction comes with reducing our response to the stress.  HeartMath trains one to intentionally generate heart rate rhythmic patterns (heart rate variability or HRV) with positive emotions. These techniques help create a permanent shift in the physiologic and emotional response to stress. The changes in HRV are monitored and give the user feedback on how their practice is changing their body's response to stress.


What Does Western Medicine Say About Acupuncture for Stress Reduction?

Researchers using Western Medicine diagnostic tools have found some physiologic changes occurring with acupuncture treatment.  These include:

      • Endorphins (our body’s natural pain killers) released after acupuncture for pain relief.
      • Reduction in stress hormones (epinephrine and norepinephrine) after acupuncture for stress and other related symptoms.
      • Increased blood flow in areas after acupuncture which oxygenates the tissues, removing cortisol and other waste chemicals leading to less muscle tension.
      • The relaxing nature of acupuncture also helps decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure.

      • Emotional distress including anxiety, depression, irritability and constant worry have all responded favorably to acupuncture.
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