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What is Ear Stapling?

Ear stapling has been around for over 20 years and is fast becoming one of the most sought after innovative alternative methods to stop smoking and lose weight. A small surgical stainless steel device is strategically placed in the inner cartilage of the ear to target certain ear reflex acupuncture points in the ear.

We offer a unique technique in which we use an acu-locator. While this alone does not tell you where to place the staple, it is an aid to find the most sensitive area. Lorie, a nationally certified Acupuncturist, knows the location of the desired points and uses the acu-locator to pinpoint the location of the staple. Use of the acu-locator increases your success rate. Our clients’ average weight loss is 3-4 pounds per week. The staples will last approximately 2-3 months. Clients report losing as much as 40+ pounds in that time period. The staple we place for weight loss targets reflex points in the ear. These ear reflex acupuncture points work together to reduce your overall appetite, sugar cravings, tension, stress and headaches. 

The ear staple we insert to aid in stopping smoking, greatly reduces your cravings, and causes you to reject the smell and taste of cigarette smoke. Reduced tension, headaches, and stress have also been reported. You will need to remember to stimulate a point in front of your ear repeatedly throughout the day for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ear Stapling?

A tiny stainless steel device that is positioned in the inner cartilage of the ear targeting specific ear reflex points to target weight loss, stress, tension, and smoking cessation. A nationally certified acupuncturist trained in point location applies the staple.

How Does the Staple Work?

The piercing works by applying pressure to a specific ear reflex point in the ear.  It sends a signal to the brain that you are satisfied and eliminates cravings for food, sugar, and tobacco. Another point effectively reduces stress and can help with headaches and TMJ.

How Long Does It Last?

The piercing effectiveness averages 2 to 4 months, but is very individualized. Most people do not require reapplication because the body has established balance and healthier habits during the initial application. We do recommend 7-14 days before replacing.

What Is the Average Weight Loss?

Our clients have reported: 3-4 pounds/week for women and 5 pounds/week for men. Those who add a healthy diet and exercise to their regimen will improve their benefits. 

Does It Hurt?

It is compared to having your ears pierced. Some say that it hurts for a few minutes and then subsides, and others say it does not hurt at all. Once again, each person is different in how they respond to the piercing.

One Staple Versus Two?

We believe that getting both ears stapled has shown much greater results and recommend this for all our clients. There is no additional charge for applying two vs. one ear staple.

What Are the Risks?

With proper care of the staple there are limited risks involved.  As with any piercing there is a risk of infection associated with it, even if aseptic technique is followed scrupulously. Bacteria from contact during aftercare are almost always the culprit, not from the procedure itself. Good hand washing is first and foremost in the prevention of infection!! Please seek ear stapling from a person who knows the risks involved and how to best avoid problems! Ask questions before you let non-medical people do procedures on your body! Do background research on them. The best qualified people to use an acupuncture-based system are the fully trained acupuncturists!!

How to Care for Your Staples?

The care is the same as any piercing. You will be given detailed care instructions at your appointment. 

How Much Does This Cost?

$65. We periodically run one day web specials. 

Note: Will travel on special requests for five to ten clients.  We are located in Wichita, Kansas.

For more information call InnerWorks at (316) 946-0990 or Contact Us online.

Lorie is located in Wichita Kansas. For Ear Stapling in an area near you please do a local internet search. Lorie does not maintain a list of Ear Stapling providers.