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Performance Enhancement & Development Programs (PEDs)

achievement enhancement

Performance Enhancement & Development Programs (PEDs) are designed with your goals in mind.  We look at an aspect of your life you wish to improve, for example, an athletic performance.  We would discuss the areas that may be holding you back from the improvement you seek.  What is holding you back from attaining your goals and reaching fulfillment?  So many factors can influence the outcome…

Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

Is an old injury affecting your body’s ability to function in a balanced and optimal way?  Do you have a tendency to over-train and keep reinjuring yourself?  Injury rehabilitation and prevention are areas which can benefit from PED Programs. 

Performance Anxiety

Do you have performance anxiety?  This is common in academics, athletics, music, dance, vocal and drama, and many other performing and creative arts. The anxiety can have emotional and physiologic origins and can respond well to PED Programs.

Stress Reduction

Two types of problems often occur.  Quite often, our stress release activity becomes stressful.  For example, taking the same single minded extremism into your stress reliever (exercise) will likely just create more stress.  Learning to channel that determination in a positive and healthy way is a critical step.

Also common are the obstacles that prevent you from achieving maximum benefit from your choice of exercise, hiking, fitness/wellness pursuit.   Is the energy flow in your body less than ideal? Is a lack of sleep making your workouts harder to manage? Do you need help with getting proper rest or nutrition?  All of those obstacles often create additional stress.  Zero Balancing, HeartMath, Acupuncture can all help on their own or, when used together, can have a synergistic effect to improve performance.

Lorie competed in college softball and played on teams that finished 4th and 1st in national championship tournament play.  After completing her collegiate athletic experience, she went on to play one year in the Women’s Professional Softball League.  She then coached on the Division 1 and small college levels for five years.  She has 35 years of experience in fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation, stress reduction, and alternative approaches to health and wellness.  With a Master’s Degree (MA) in Sport Psychology from the University of Iowa and a Master’s Degree (M.Ed.) in Exercise Wellness from Wichita State University, she has the education, athletic experience, and practical clinical experience to provide the assistance you need to improve the outcomes of your performance.

Take the Steps Forward to Rediscover Your Authentic Self

self improvementLorie has found that these same concepts and skills used to enhance and develop performance in athletics or performing and creative arts are also useful in coming home to a more authentic self.  So many of us are caught up in the rush (and rut) of busy schedules and busy lives with growing kids, aging parents, demanding careers.  It can be difficult to make the time necessary to remember who we are beneath all the responsibilities and all the conditioning.
The PED program can be helpful in developing a practice that helps you get back in touch with these parts of self that are sometimes lost or buried.  Based on your goals, Lorie focuses on the areas that need the most direction and development and provides you with a plan to achieve these goals.

PED Program Options:

10 Weeks 2 sessions per week
One Bodywork and/or acupuncture, one HeartMath session/week
Cost $1000
10 weeks Purchase of HeartMath technology
One weekly bodywork &/or acupuncture, three HeartMath sessions
Cost $1000     
6 weeks 2 sessions/week
(one bodywork &/or acupuncture, one HeartMath session /week)    
Cost $700
6 weeks Purchase of HeartMath technology
One weekly bodywork &/or Acupuncture, two HeartMath sessions      
Cost $700  

Individual sessions may also be purchased for the normal fee for service cost for the above sessions if a program is not for you.