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Solutions for Acute Injury or Illness

Treating illness at InnerWorksTreating illness at InnerWorks

Enhancing the Immune System

Oriental Medicine has been used for centuries to help improve digestive function, sleep and mental clarity, reduce stress, anxiety, food cravings and other habitual unhealthy habits.  Improvements in the areas listed above have been found to enhance immune function.  The healthier all of the other systems in the body are, the more effective the immune system will be in the innate (non-specific first line defense of foreign pathogens entering the body) and the adaptive (stronger, immunologic memory antigen producing) responses.  Acupuncture can Improve the circulation of Qi (life supporting energy) and blood which supports all the systems in the body.  The Immune System resides in the Qi and blood and benefits directly from the increased circulation.

For acute, sudden onset problems including injury, musculoskeletal pain, seasonal allergies, flu and colds, and recovering from surgery, Lorie utilizes a variety of therapies to address these conditions. Experience  Zero Balancing for musculo-skeletal problems. Allergies, colds and flu symptoms can be treated with Chinese herbsacupressure or craniosacral therapy.

Acute stress impacts your physical and emotional well-being far more than you realize and, like many conditions, if left untreated can turn into a chronic, debilitating problem. Find out how Acupuncture or Seva Stress Release can help you deal with your day to day stressors.

Solutions for Chronic Pain & Disease

Chronic disease and pain require multi-dimensional approaches to get to the ‘root cause' of the issue. Initially the focus is on your primary complaint but ultimately the solution may lie in physical, psychosocial and/or spiritual therapies. All modalities have demonstrated successful outcomes, but a coordinated, multi-dimensional approach is often needed to resolve long term health challenges; these include Auricular Acupuncture,  SomatoEmotional Release,  and Zero Balancing

If you have any of the following conditions contact Lorie to find out how she can help.

If you have any of the following conditions contact Lorie to find out how she can help.

Musculoskeletal Immune System Hormonal
Pain Arthritis Thyroid & Adrenal
Sciatica Lupus Diabetes
Migraines Fibromyalgia PMS
TMJ Immune deficiency Menopause




Emotional &
 Health Concerns
Heart, Cholesterol, Body Weight Issues Digestion &
Anxiety, Depression Weight gain, nutrition IBS, Constipation
Anger Management High Blood Pressure Toxicity
Stress Management Edema, Obesity Gluten Intolerance
Relationship Issues High Cholesterol Detoxification
Can't let go of past Food Cravings Bloating, gas
Memory, concentration Palpitations Leaky Gut


Sleep Disturbance



An important part of Lorie’s approach includes teaching self-care techniques and offering educational opportunities to learn how to manage your own well-being and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Whether your interest lies in short-term (acute, seasonal illness) or you have long term goals of:

  • improved health, wellness and longevity
  • improved functioning and/or performance
  • reduced stress and increased energy
  • integrating mind, body and spirit wellness
  • vitality to fully embrace and enjoy life

Dysfunction on many different levels (structural, emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional, etc.) can rob you of energy needed for pursuing happiness and health.  Lorie can provide an integral road map to meet your needs and accomplish your goals.  By learning to listen deeply and trust fully, we can begin to more confidently seek out the care that will serve you in the most beneficial manner.

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