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Getting Started With Lorie

You have already started down the path of enhancing your health and wellness by researching a holistic health care professional who can help you become a healthier person on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Many of us are needing an approach to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic that emphasizes Compassionate Service rather than Fear. What we can do, how we can serve? Is there an area of disharmony or imbalance that is limiting your ablity to discern your path? By addressing areas of imbalance or disharmony in the mind, body, and spirit, you can:

    • better help others by helping yourself first
    • enhance the function of all body systems (including Immune system)
    • recover from addiction, loss, and trauma
    • reduce stress, pain and fatigue
    • promote happiness, fulfillment, and wellness

The Holistic Health Model

The Holistic Health model views the body, mind, and spirit as integrated aspects of our being that influence each other.  This acknowledgement of the importance of each of these aspects and how they constantly affect each other requires exploration and tending to each one and how they are contributing to your health and wellness concern.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest Holistic Health care approaches still being practiced today.


The Holistic Health Assessment

Lorie will provide an evaluation and recommend treatment using assessment tools that evaluate the whole person and your unique areas of deficiency or concern. This will help you gain personal insight into the state of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You and Lorie will work together as partners to develop your health care plan. By knowing how You define health, Lorie can help you develop a program to help sustain your health and wellness, and optimize your potential. Looking for areas of deficiency allow you to support these areas and restore balance so your body can better manage the threats created by the Covid-19 crisis.

Health and Wellness Plan

Lorie will draw on her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biofeedback, Recovery from Trauma and Addiction, Self-Help Tools, and other Alternative Therapies to develop a plan for you. Treatment approaches are highly individualized for the unique needs of each individual. Each plan will work to address underlying causes of your symptoms, as well as providing relief. Many times insights are gained that allow the body-mind-spirit to function in a way that promotes balance and harmony for your entire being.

An important part of Lorie’s approach includes teaching self-care techniques and offering educational opportunities to learn how to manage your own well-being and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Whether your interest lies in short-term (acute conditions including injury recovery, stress reactions, seasonal illness) or you have long term goals of:

    • helping yourself so you can help others
    • finding your unique path of service amidst Covid-19 Crisis
    • improving health, wellness and longevity
    • improving functioning and/or performance
    • reducing stress and increasing energy
    • integrating mind, body and spirit wellness
    • gaining vitality to fully embrace and enjoy life

Dysfunction on many different levels (structural, emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional, etc.) can rob you of energy needed for optimizing your mind-body-spirit's response to the Covid-19 Crisis while still pursuing happiness and health. Lorie can provide an integral road map to meet your needs and accomplish your goals. By learning to listen deeply and trust fully, we can begin to more confidently seek out the care that will serve you in the most beneficial manner.

Lorie Wilson, L. Ac., M.Ed., is an acupuncturist and bases her evaluation on Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has 40 years of experience in fitness, stress reduction, addiction and trauma recovery, and alternative approaches to health and wellness. With a Master’s Degree (MA) from the University of Iowa and a Master’s Degree (M.Ed.) in Exercise Wellness from Wichita State University, she is now offering on-line instruction to help you help your Immune System to keep you safe.

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