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The InnerWorks Difference – Integrating Art & Science

As we begin to replace the scientific view of illness care and prevention of the 20th century with a more holistic and integrated approach, we begin to understand there are many facets of an individual that define and influence their health. The portal to health for one person is not the same for the next, and each practitioner must be diligent in searching for the most appropriate and therapeutic approaches.

Lorie Believes…

that part of her responsibility at InnerWorks is to educate you about what it truly means to be healthy and live healthy. Her goal is to empower you to make healthy decisions by combining the wisdom of alternative and complementary medicine along with the knowledge gained from scientific medicine. Lorie’s unique approach to health and wellness is rooted in a core belief of wholeness and in recognizing that the path to wholeness is not the same for everyone. When is it appropriate to use alternative versus western medicine approaches? How are you best served in combining them for the best outcome? Lorie will listen to your belief system and philosophy toward your health to devise a plan that addresses all aspects of your being and your health.

Lorie Believes…

that understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual, along with the physical, aspects of self and how they impact your health, your ability to fully embrace life and achieve your highest potential is integral to holistic health. She embraces these beliefs through her work with you to address all aspects of your health and your journey to wholeness. An important part of her approach includes teaching self-care techniques and offering educational opportunities to learn how to manage your own well-being and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing that the stages of a healing journey take on many forms, we must be able to address the spectrum of health, fitness, growth, pain, disease and trauma recovery.

If you are not content with the current state of your health and want a plan which emphasizes priorities based on your unique needs, allow Lorie to be part of your health care team. Feeling like you have strength and stamina and a healthy foundation for your body to mount a defense against Covid-19 will help reduce stress, and improve your mental clarity and ability to rest. Making the healthy life-style choices that will give you this confidence can be a source of enjoyment rather than a difficult chore.

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